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"Wir sind Korpuslinguisten. Wir müssen das irgendwie hinkriegen..."

Sagte mein Chef auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt, als abgezählt werden sollte, wer was für welchen Glühwein wollte.

Jaja, Korpuslinguisten. Die können ganz toll zählen.

(Aber in Wirklichkeit tut's das Computerprogramm...)
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"Dann trifft Aeneas Guido, die Königin von Kathargo..."
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Actually, from several days ago, but it got even funnier today.

Remember that I'm still working on some private letters at work which belong to a friend of M. whom I will call Ö. here. Ö. moved to Germany early in his life and received many letters from his friends at school in Ghana and his relatives, too. So, one of Ö.'s friend's wrote:

I also want you to send your picture [...] for me to remember you every where even when in bed.

Reasons why I laughed:

1) Just because. Obviously.
2) A guy wrote this.

Now, when I told N. about this pretty straightforward approach to Ö., she laughed because of 1) and 2), and added:

3) "Well, he is rather handsome..."

Here, I went like O___O?!, N. googled him for me and let's all be suprised - Ö. seems to be a kind of known linguist in our field of reasearch.

Makes me want to meet him even more! XD
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"Exercise 4) Kofi's father is interested in wearing shoes. He however finds it difficult to put them on everyday. Write a design brief on this situation."
(from "Pre-technical Skills for Junior Secondary Schools")
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"Seeing this, I forced myself to consciousness, and still lying on the ground I gave the dog an “Azumah Nelson zoom zoom“ blow on the face and it let loose my left arm. ... I managed to get up and suddenly I saw the LIGHT OF GOD which manifested itself as a big garbage pan close to me."

Daniel Sackey's book "Dog Care" is definitely one of my favourite books of this corpus. His writing style (see above) and observational skills ("When you have been bitten by a dog, you usually bleed"...) never fail to amuse amaze me. It's a sad, sad thing that the excerpts of his book are already done and dealt with. Sigh...
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"The 20-carbon parent compound has the acronym AA which stands not for Alcoholics Anonymous but for arachidonic acid."
(Marian Ewurama Addy in "Putting Science into the art of Healing with Herbs")

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"The weather is playing a game of noodles."

Riiiiiiiight. I think it is safe to say that... it rained really hard? Ghanaian authors for the win!
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"I want you to know that I am hot cake ready to serve everywhere [...]"
(from a motivation letter for a scholarship at the University of Legon, Ghana)

At work, we were in tears. I'm so going to have that printed on a t-shirt for U. when she'll have to leave us in August. :)


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