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Hey, warum guck ich mir eigentlich an, was mit Romulus passiert ist und was Nero mit Vulkan macht? Laaaangweilig.

Meine Fragen sind ja: 

Was passiert mit Raum in Star Trek?
Wie und von wem wird er bearbeitet?

So. SO. Und jetzt könnt ich mich schmeißen vor lachen, denn was mit der Erde passiert, das sagt uns McCoy schon nach der ersten halben Stunde des Filmes:

"My ex-wife took the whole damn planet in the divorce."

Wie spannend!

Herauszufinden wäre jetzt noch, was sie mit ihm macht! Neue Industriezentren? Alternative Energiegewinnungsanlagen? Gemüsebeete? ODER ist sie Spionin für die Klingonen und betreibt unterirdische Soldatenausbildungslager?

Und da meint man, man habe schon alles in Fanfiction gelesen. Nein! Wo ist die Föderationsgegnerin Jocelyn McCoy, die durch clevere und überzeugende Argumentation den ganzen Planeten Erde in der Scheidung bekommen hat?!
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Insufficient facts always invite danger.
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Haha, ich weiß, es gab schon einmal einen Squee-Eintrag zu dieser Folge, als ich sie zum ersten Mal geschaut habe, aber ich habe mich gerade einfach nicht unter Kontrolle und darum muss ich noch mal sagen, wie absolut großartig sie ist! Sie ist so witzig und schlau! Endlich mal eine außerirdische Spezies, die nicht humanoid ist, sodass man sich, nachdem man beobachtet hat, wie bei Starfleet mit gefährlichen (vermeintlichen) Tieren umgegangen wird, mal den Rassismus anschauen kann und wie der "Grund und Boden" und seine Vermarktung damit zusammenhängt und... und... und...

Hach. ♥
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Der Klassiker: statt organische "orgasmische Biologie" lesen.

Aber was beweist, dass ich zu viel Star Trek Fanfiction lese?

Dass ich im Modul Tierphysiologie unter dem Punkt "Erregungsleitung im Nerv" anfange zu kichern, weil ich echt  "refractory period" tippen darf.
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Another Star Trek entry is coming in the near future, but I have to get this out now:

OMG. ♥

This has to be one of the funniest, most characterizing, and intriguing episodes I've come across so far! The theme, the plot, Kirk's and Spock's interaction, the solution, everything! And oh, the possibilities of the movie AU... Just brilliant.

Next Episode: Klingons!
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I'm nort sure how many of you are familiar with the Star Trek TOS characters, but fluff is universal, right? ♥
And I don't know about you, but I need fluff.

"Reaching for the Stars"

[link to the artist's deviantart page]

From the top, left to right we have a star (♥), Kirk (his curl is so very Shatner) and Spock (blushing slightly), Bones (grumpy) and Chekov (the poor guy!), Yeoman Rand (with her basket on her head *g*), Sulu, Scotty, Uhura (her hair is so much cooler in the The Original Series!), and Nurse Chapel (who gets to wear fancier clothes than anybody else). ♥

a picture

Nov. 21st, 2009 02:06 pm
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Just because. :-)
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On one level, life is incredibly good to me. I will move in about a week and I've managed quite well to get not too worked up because of it so far.  There's a lot to do, but I'm calm. On another level, life's a real bitch. These last days, I felt kind of disconnected from my friends here. Everybody goes home to spend time with their families and although not everything is sunshine and roses there either, I still feel like an alien. During the last months, parts of my family have proven to be a lot more reliable than I had anticipated, but other parts just... haven't. I'm hurt and I can actually watch myself drawing the curtains and locking everybody out. It hurts knowing my friends are not only not here with me, but also visiting their familes, getting all sorts of support which I can only dream of. Furthermore, I hate being jealous.

At least, I got an imaginary distant cousin of Xena The Warrior Princess running after my father with an imaginary spear. That has to count for something.

On a different and happier note, I've been reading a lot of Star Trek fanfiction lately. There are many great epic tales about Kirk and Spock out there and many authors do a fabulous characterization, have an enjoyable writing style, and know how to write thrilling stories in general. Fandom in general continues to make me go "wtf?!" a lot, but the Star Trek fandom is as old with The Original Series as it is new after the 11th movie, and I enjoy the variety of topics and discussions.

Furthermore, it seems like I have found two fictional characters with which I deeply sympathize. In the new Trek-universe, Kirk and Spock sure are two very different characters, employing two very different mindsets most of the time, but after reading many different views on them in different fanfictions, I started thinking they're not that different on a certain level. Like I see it, they both have troubles dealing with emotions, connecting with people etc. Spock's half-Vulcan and was raised to supress his emotions by his culture. Kirk was born the day his father died and probably saw a couple of men walking in and out of his mother's and his own life afterwards. He doesn't seem like a man for commited relationships, neither friendship nor romance, and is more likely to lash out at than hugging anybody getting close to him. So.... I like their dynamics: one not wanting to admit to any kind of emotion and the other trying not to give in to the most frightening ones.

And yes, I could talk about those two for days on end if anybody would listen. ;-)

Anyways. I should eat something and then finish this writing piece which I've not been working on much.
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Star Trek XI/Lion King:
"Kirk can't wait to be king Captain"

This entry is a  clever diversion from the fact that this morning, I bravely sat down and wrote the first scene of this story I've been thinking about for weeks. And I tell you - that was damn necessary. It wasn't fun, but I feel a lot better now. Two pages. I wrote two pages. When, I wonder, when was the last time I had all my thoughts so much in in order that I was able to write two pages? I'm insanely happy. And I have to restrain myself from telling everybody. I mean, like... everybody. Off to extra choir practice now!
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"My dear girl, I'm a doctor.
When I peek, it's in the line of duty."

- Star Trek : The Original Series "Shore Leave"

Since I've started watching Star Trek, have I expressed my undying love for DeForest Kelley yet?


Then, I will now:

My heart belongs to the Doctor*.

I mean, come on. He's not the captain, but totally the boss aboard the Enterprise. With Star Trek XI, I had a fabulous start with Kirk and Spock, but Bones was not much the focus of attention. He was cool, though, and now that I've come to know the original series, I think Karl Urban did a great job portraying the grumpy, old hypochondriac in his early years. Don't get me wrong, I still adore Kirk and Spock, but in a different way. I love their potential to learn from each other, but Bones is just Bones, and that's enough. Well, and yes, I admit that 'grumpy' still equals 'sexy' for me far too often... But not 'sexy' like Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto. Let's call DeForest Kelley 'attractive', okay? Like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and...

Okay. I need to distract you now.

[Watch the whole interview HERE.]

As I said before, this series is so much fun! And it is the beginning of all things. ♥ I've already met the Romulans (without tattoos, though) and I'm looking forward to the Klingons. And the tribbles. Why are there no tribbles in the first season? Me wants tribbles...

Anyhow, Star Trek: The Original Series makes me very happy**. :-)

* Oh, the endless pun potential these days...
** And "Shore Leave" has to be the mother of aaaaaaall crack!episodes. :D 

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I have nothing much to say except for, "I have a new icon". Well, I have more than one new icon, but this one will do for today.

The sentence in it is written in a very rare acrolect of Vulcan English, so I thought it would only be wise to translate it for its furture purpose here. I can provide character references means something along the lines of I'm awesome and you know it. In this journal, the icon will indicate a strong feeling of self-confidence on my part and/or overestimation of my own capabilities (which might, however, only become recognizable in retrospect). I'm looking forward to using this icon a lot.

Anyways, have some links:
A pictured recap of the new Star Trek movie, with quotes, too.
A picspam of Chris Pine.
A picspam of Zachary Quinto.
A Sci-Fi magazine with Kirk, Spock, and the word "sex" on its cover.

Finally, this is probably one of the funniest photo manips I've seen in a while:

Sylar's coming for you, Captain...
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I am so excited!


I'm going to see the OV of the Star Trek movie on Tuesday - with the boys!

D., T., R. (S.'s visiting boyfriend), and myself will endulge in the very geeky pleasure of watching this spectacular movie again (only T. hasn't seen it yet). At first, I thought I'd use this movie to spend a Resa-only evening, but this is so much better. ♥


I will write a term paper on Star Trek and Raumpatrouille Orion!

I'm not sure about the exact topic yet, but I'll write this paper in a seminar about geopolitics, so it will pay close attention to the outer space as a sematic room/place/field/Idon't knowwhat'sitcalledinEnglish. I also like to do a little genre work on scifi first, work on the different nationalities, races and gender issues and, I don't know, do a little emotional studies? I don't know if there is even a name for it, but I did a seminar on emotions/emotional display in literature last semester and it would be great if I could use this knowledge, too. With this, I could even compare The Original Series to the new movie and look if something in the depiction of the Vulcans ("Vulkanesen"?) has changed over the decades. I so love to "read" or "watch" fantasy and science fiction as complex metaphors for human behaviour and I would probably be in a state of academic bliss writing a term paper in which I could include my personal world view on books and stories. That's why I'm studying literature after all!

Big plans, big plans. Yes, it's propably a bit too much for just one paper, but I have to do my final examinations sometime in the next two years and I still need topics to be tested on. ;-)


And because I'm still in a laughing fit over these two looking so very dorky, look at them, and have a good laugh, too. Zachary Quinto's sense of fashion is as questionable as ever, but that has become a part of his charme for me. And his glasses make me laugh so hard, especially when he grins like in the second picture. Enjoy!

(And tell me about your mental subtitles for this picture, please. "Not ready yet for holding hands in front of the camera", maybe?)


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