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OMG, was ein Abend! Habe meinen alten Chor, mit dem ich und ein paar Freundinnen vor zwei Jahren mehr oder minder schön gebrochen haben, auf ihrem jährlichen Konzert besucht und das ist halt wie Fahrradfahren. Man verlernt's halt nicht. Erst haben wir zu dritt rumgebitcht, weil das muss halt so, dann haben wir rumgewackelt, mitgesungen und haben bei "Oh happy day" echt die Einladung angenommen, doch bitte von der Bühne aus mitzusingen. So jemand bin ich also inzwischen, der sich einfach so auf die Bühne rufen lässt und Freude hat am mitmachen. Danach gab's dann noch Pizza in der Stammkneipe und... Ja, das war alles einfach nur verdammt schön. Gute Nacht.
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While warming up one's voice in the barely heated church, there's nothing better than standing in a circle and giving/receiving a nice backrub to/by one's neighbor. ♥
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I'm going to sing Christmas carols tonight.
Have a lovely Sunday in Advent everybody. ♥
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What can I say? Despite all the the drama during the last few weeks, this concert was the best for me ever. I remember my first one in 2005 and it was breathtaking and therefore ranks second place for me. Then, the year after, C.'s and my friendship broke apart and darkened the whole experience. Last year, it was good, really good, but nonetheless, I was still disorientated and lost. But this year, I felt like I finally belonged somewhere again. I am such a lucky person.

I guess that I should get going now - get up, do some grocery shopping, and decide which raincoat to wear for today's barbecue. The weather is so not with us. Anyway, we'll celebrate yesterday's concert and the upcomming summer break in the church's parking lot like every year and the weather won't matter much.


By the way, is anybody interested in hearing the Dalai Lama in Frankfurt from 30th of July to 2nd of August? Unfortunately, only school students pay less, university students don't, so that's why I'm only thinking about going to the last lecture on Sunday. Anybody wanna join me?


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