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If the Connichi's Bring & Buy sells all the mangas I packed for them, I won't have to feel guilty about spending some money in Kassel this weekend. Shopping! ♥

Well, depending on whether or not I can carry this monster of a manga trunk to them.
... Or down the stairs, for that matter.XD

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I spent today clearing and disassembling my huge Ikea shelf (this one, only twice as big). Yes, I'm moving in three weeks time, but I felt like sorting and getting rid of things. Among other things, I threw away three folders worth of university stuff - one box less to carry. My friends will so thank me. Have I mentioned yet that I'll be moving to the fourth floor? And that there's no elevator? Anyways, I threw a blanket over the mountain of sorted things to make it look a little less chaotic. I think it helped. There are still a couple of bags left which are filled with old clothes and of which I will get rid tomorrow or the day after. I feel so much lighter now already. Still excited and anxious in equal parts about this whole moving business of course, but definitely lighter.

On a different note, this week's episode of True Blood totally broke my heart.

(And I will start meditating again tomorrow. Just for the record. ... Somebody please ask me if I really did?)
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Have I mentioned how awesome the second season of True Blood is?

And not only because of Eric's new haircut which is one reason to love the series but not the only one. God, what did Alan Ball & Co. do with my favourite mystery series? A damn good job. I love Sookie (all the way), Bill (and his issues), Eric (Hello Sheriff. I was such a naughty, naughty girl...), Pam (her clothes! Her pumps!), Jessica, Hoyt (such a sweetie really), Jason (character development! yay!), Lafayette (I'm so glad that the series kept him alive), Arlene, Terry (I want to cuddle him), Sam, Tara, Eggs, Mary-Ann (dude...), Steve & Sarah Newlin, Godric, Isabella, Lorena (oh god, she's pretty), Barry and aaaaaaaalll of them really. I adore how the series depicts all the clichés about humans and vampires as well as the Fellowiship of the Sun, the vampire nests, and Merlottes.

(What's a bit distracting unnerving, though, is that Eric constantly employs his bedroom voice. Except when he smiles which, unfortunately, doesn't happen too frequently. How can I follow the plot if I can't think straight?)

However, still a word of warning about True Blood: Beware of a lot of sex, gore, and bowels.

These days, I'm torn between cleaning up my room and throwing half of my stuff away. Seriously! Why do I keep so many things I neither need nor want nor care about one tiny bit anymore? All these mights, coulds, and shoulds make me crazy all the time. "You might need it some day. Better keep it." SOME DAY MY ASS. This will stop like right now. What use is sorting through my thoughts and emotions and getting rid of useles stuff in my head if I can't do it in my room?


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