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Jul. 26th, 2009 02:37 pm
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So NoTORIous
is way too short a series. I watched all episodes in the course of the last two days and now I am Zachary-Quinto-Less again. Until September, when the next volume of Heroes will air. Well, if he... Oh, nevermind. Anyways, in So NoTORIous, he's great, too. It's a comedy show about Tori Spelling (played by Tori Spelling...) trying to get rid of her I just get hired as an actress because my daddy owns Hollywood image and in my opinion, she does a marvelous job at it. This show, herself included, doesn't take itself seriously at all and it works for me as a hilarious parody because of it. There's not much plot, but lots of fun and Zachary Quinto as Tori's Iranian, Muslim, and gay best friend forever Sasan. (Have I mentioned that the show picks up every cliché which cannot dash away in time?) He is ridiculously dressed most of the time (quite fashionable at others...) and he cracks the best jokes. Sylar and Spock Sock haven't given him much opportunity to be funny on screen, but as Sasan, Zachary Quinto totally convinced me that he can make people laugh, too. :-)

Talking of funny, watch THIS VIDEO to get an first-hand answer on whether or not Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are dating (starts at 0:55s).

But how nice is this?

I had to phone calls today, during both conversations, I mentioned sadhana (remember, the early morning, 5.30am-ish, yoga and meditation practice) and my callers' reactions were really disappointing. One of them went, "What?!" and the other even said, "Why would you do that?!" That - hurt a lot. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind asking about the things I do, but... A bit of thinking never hurts? I don't know... If I get up that early on a Sunday, it would be probable that it's important to me and that I do it voluntarily. (Who would force me to do such a thing?) Therefore, there's no need to be shocked. Is there? I don't know. Moreover, I didn't say "I'm up since 4.30am because of sadhana" in a oh my, I'm up since half past four, I need your pity because my life is so miserable kind of way, but a lot more like look what I did! I got up in time to have an awesome yoga session! I'm so happy! How could anybody confuse these two? This whole thing doesn't really bother me that much. However, it shows me in what great company I've been lately. I'm not used anymore to people questioning my life, especially the parts which matter to me the most. Sure, my friends shake their heads at me a lot, but they seldom leave it to me alone to explain. They get involved. Well, I should have known better. Some people just never change. They just want to know and know, but don't ever get involved...


Jul. 26th, 2009 04:56 am
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I'm up early. Are you? :-)


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