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Jan. 2nd, 2010 03:14 pm
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Happy New Year everybody!

I celebrated New Year's Eve AND S.'s birthday with most of my friends here and a couple of other nice people which was great and lots of fun. Even if it wasn't, you know, somewhere around the third or fourth Pina Colada, everything starts being fun. No hangover yesterday whatsover (water, people, at least a bottle of it before going to bed), apart from a little uneasiness in my stomach, but nothing extraordinary for the first day of the new year. And totally worth it.

I have to admit though that I spent pretty much the whole day yesterday being miserable. I tried not to, but damn, I felt lonely and isolated like I haven't in a long time. I sat through it, tried to distract me, and also thought about calling somebody, to talk and not feel so lonely anymore. But yesterday, that wouldn't have done any good. I was lonely, veeeeery lonely, and when I'm like that, I get bitter. And then, I don't feel like my friends here, who have all been in longterm relationships, get what I mean when I say, "I feel lonely." And I don't want their pity - I just don't to feel like this anymore. Which, luckily, I don't today. Well, not so much, that is. I feel better. Such days pass and let's hope yesterday will be one of the few I will see myself through in the new year.

So, this was a bit of a rough start, but if 2009 was any indication for what is to come next, 2010 will be amazing.
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Hey Dreamwidth,
nice to meet you!
Want to hang out sometime?



Let's pick up the things where we've left them. My family drama father-/girlfriend-wise has gotten worse. Well, no one has either phoned or texted me but I kinda got a glimpse of the fears lurking inside of me. Let's say they aren't exactly pretty. I mean.. What am I supposed to feel being reminded of how my father left my family six years ago except for extraordinary miserable, furious, and afraid? I'm okay most of the time. I can't really say, "I've been through worse" but I'll be fine. My friends are great and, yeah, so am I. I'm a quick learner.

What else?

Oh, I've started watching Gossip Girl and totally fallen for it. I just can't take my eyes of Ed Westwick which makes me feel a bit pathetic, female dignity and all, but damn, he plays such a hot asshole with a British accent.  Apart from that, the rest of the show is quite entertaining, too. Teenage drama deluxe and I'm so in the mood for it.


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